Which harmonicas to get?

Happy ColorNew harmonica players, both old and young, need reliable instruments. In particular, the instrument must be in tune. Here are two instruments which will serve well.

The Hohner Happy Color harmonica, shown right, is designed for children. It has a plastic body, brass reed plates, is made in China and comes in a variety of colours. It one is the cheapest harmonicas available, however it is in tune and is surprisingly playable.

The Hohner Special 20 is a more expensive and much better instrument than the Happy Color Harmonica. The Special 20 is used by many professional players. However, compared to other instruments, guitar, flute, it is still cheap.

Special 20If you choose a Special 20, make sure that you get one in the Key of C. Then you and your child can play along with the music on the site. Your music store can explain what this means if you're not sure. The Happy Color Harmonica is only available in the Key of C.

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