Teach Your Kids How to Play Harmonica

Harmonica FamilyHarmonica is a great kids instrument. Young children can hold the harmonica easily. Parents can play too.

Start playing music with your child today

The harmonica is one of the world's most popular instruments. It is cheap, easy to carry and easy to replace if lost.

Nursery rhymes sound great on harmonica. Start the player below to hear one. Your kids will know it, and might sing along.

Try the free harmonica lessons. Learn the nursery rhymes shown on the left. Don't worry about the details, your children won't. They'll just blow into the harmonica in time with the music and sound fine.

You find harmonicas at your local music store. Here is some advice on which harmonicas to get, also where to buy them online. Get two, one for yourself, one for your child.

Enjoy the music!

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